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Who We Are

Texas LAFS is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that is dedicated to teaching the youth of your community how to live safely, free from the effects of uncontrolled fires and accidental injuries. Through our organization we teach firefighters and public safety educators how to engage children in the educational message of safety utilizing characters, puppets, music, clowns, and magic. Each year Texas LAFS hosts a conference in Lewisville, Tx in which educators from around the state gather to learn the techniques needed to produce a professional quality program. Utilizing special knowledge, skills, and abilities gained at the conference, firefighters and educators return to their community and educate children on how to live safely. Some of the messages taught include:

  • Stop, Drop, cover, and Roll
  • Have a home escape plan
  • Bicycle safety
  • Safety around water
  • Safety around hot things (ovens, campfires, heaters, etc…)
  • Animal and pet safety
  • Gun Safety
  • Dealing with bullies 


Our organization prides itself in delivering these messages in a fun and engaging manner. These messages are delivered in a way that not only captures the attention of our students, but holds it allowing for retention of the information. It associates the information with a fun and entertaining event that the children will remember for years to come, even into adulthood.



Board of Directors

Dan Walsh

Hank Morrow

Brett Shryock